Maryam has released new music! Please check out her two new songs, “Shabeh Taraneh” and “Khalvateh Tanhaee” by clicking on the pictures to the right of the website!


Maryam – With Love (2008)

1. Spring in Iran
2. With Love
3. My Hope
4. Restless Nights
5. Beautiful Storm (Piano Instrumental by Amir London)
6. Forgotten Memories
7. Shaghayegh
8. How Can I
9. Again and Again
10. Forever (Piano Instrumental by Amir London)
11. Bitter Tears

Buy WITH LOVE here on iTunes!

Maryam Jalali – New Beginning

1. Nazokdel
2. Ghadr
3. Levitate (Piano Instrumental by Amir London)
4. Dar Arezooyeh Tou
5. Goodbye to Tehran
6. Rain Dance (Piano Instrumental by Amir London)
7. Ariaee
8. Phoenix (Piano Instrumental by Amir London)
9. Jostejoo
10. Paband (1977)
11. Paband (2004)
12. Bahar Ghorbat

Buy NEW BEGINNING on iTunes here! 

Maryam Jalali – Shaghayegh

1. Bakhshesh
2. Niaz
3. Shaghayegh
4. Montazer
5. Man O Tou
6. Be Man Nago Doustet Daram
7. Roya (Piano Instrumental by Amir London)

Buy SHAGHAYEGH on iTunes here! 


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