Coming soon

My NEW album is coming soon!

This album, my first since 2008’s “With Love”, has taken over 2 years to prepare. I hope that you will find a change in both my music and vocal direction. As always, the talented production team of Majid Khostavan and Amir Khostavan have brought my musical ideas to life. Multiple sessions were spent over the past 2 years, sharing a lot of ideas and possibilities, with the ultimate goal of wanting the final product to be different from the rest of the market.

This album contains songs about love, broken hearts, pain and suffering between lovers and partners, joy of your loved one’s arrival, and disappointment among the people around the world and how you wish to fix it.

I feel like that I need to voice out my personality and be more individualistic and independent with my work. With amazing poets like the greatest “Simin Behbahani” Mr. Masoud Sepand, Hadi Khorsandi, Yashar Hashemzadeh and Nasrin Zahgham, we have been able to beautiful words to this music, and this style of work.

I am looking forward to releasing a few bits and pieces of my album in the coming weeks, and let you share the harvest of the work and effort I’ve put into these past 2 years!


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